Just Like Grandma’s?

I had this sweet picture in my head of my new clothesline. I imagined that it would be identical to the one I remembered my grandmother having. Her white (really, I said white) sheets gently swaying in the breeze. So, I was excited when my husband showed me his handiwork. Two inch pipe welded into a T. Perfect. The lines tight and ready to go. Perfect.

Somehow I don’t remember Grandma’s looking quite like this. But it felt good to hang out the laundry to dry after having to go with out a clothesline for a few years. I so much prefer the straight line type rather than our old round version we used to have. My grand daughter was intrigued with the clothespins. And I enjoyed my little helpers, however……..

A caterpillar was way more interesting!

Wait till I show em’ how grandma can snap a super dry towel in the air.


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Lorie
Way cool clothesline Miss B!!! Love it.
Are you enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having? I think it’s been great. Call me and let’s get together for breakfast…we keep talking about it, but let’s really do it. Ok?
I miss my little friend.
Tell Katie I miss seeing her too. Maybe I’ll shoot her an email and give her some flack. :)

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