There Will Be Sun!

This was my first year to wintersow and I am happy to report that I had 50% success. Considering these milk jugs were under three feet of snow during last years Articblast, I am pleasantly surprised that any of them survived! I ended up with 5 out of 10 milk jugs containing Alyssium, Columbine, Dill, Larkspur and Nasturtiums. I plan to wintersow more seeds again for next year. You can learn more about wintersowing at http:/

We had our first family barbeque to start the season off right. My son in law took the grandkids down to the creek. Crawdads and little minnows fascinated the kiddos. It feels so great to look forward to sunnier days. Amen?

Blessings for a splendid summer,


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Monday, May 18, 2009 – Untitled Comment

Posted by SisterLori
I just discovered your blog and have had such fun reading through things. We live in Oregon too!
I have added you to my friends list so that I can come visit again.
I look forward to continuing keeping up on your blog.
God be with thee!
Sister Lori
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 – Untitled Comment

Posted by cingspots
Hey there Missy!! Sounds like a splendid afternoon with the grandkiddos! Hasn’t the sunshine been glorious? This weather is just perfect in my humble opinion – not too hot, but warm. I love it!! We’ve been busy lately doing some gardening and catching up on projects. I had to come to work today to get a rest. But…Monday after a holiday weekend – let’s just say that now I’m really pooped. Let’s get together for breakfast one day soon, shall we? I miss you my friend…and need my B time!!
Love you…

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