Waitin’ & Dreamin’

Yes! a beautiful day, the rains have subsided and Gus and I took our hike as usual. But it all started with the crocus and that burst of yellow and all I wanted to do was dig, dig, dig….. Gus too. I have finally learned after all these years not to get to presumptuous. I have been fooled more than once by getting too eager too early in the season, pulling away sheltering mulchy stuff from around green tender shoots only to have them nipped by late winter frosts. So I took to just some weeding in the vegetable garden instead. Gosh, I can’t stand when I let a weed hang around so long and it grows into a bush with a root ball that needs a hoist to get it out of the ground.


So as we thumb through catalogs, plan our gardens and wait, wait, wait for the last frost to pass, we can dream of what can be.

Dream Big Orange Poppies!

And a visit from my Sis, down California way. First thing in the morning of the first day of her visit, she always jumps up throws on her sweats, grabs my flannel, rubber shoes and hat, then heads to the woods with Gus and brings me back the most beautiful wildflowers. I love that!!

When ya comin Sis? Gus wants to know.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009 – Horses, horses, horses

Posted by Anonymous
i wanta be with my sister for christmas but all i got was a head waging man ;) My next visit will just be more special. I love the green house and hope to soak in it soon. love you sisterrrr

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