Yoos To Be

Yoos to be,

in the summer, I could putter around the place in any old tattered and torn swimsuit and not worry about offending anyone.

Yoos to be,

that was what I loved about living in the country. But as I was messing around the compost pile the other day, a car passed by as the driver was peering down at me from the road above our place. I paused and gave him a little wave, he waved back. The guy was obviously just enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds our neck of the woods. Can’t blame him, but YIKES! I realized that if it had been summer he would invariably get more nature than he bargained for. What to do! Change my country life ways or… plant more trees? I set to transplanting douglas and grandfir seedlings along with some cedar seedlings too along the exposed area. Granted it will be awhile before the trees mature enough to provide adequate coverage, but then again maybe by that time I will REALLY need it.

Meantime there is beauty around our little cottage that in all it’s splendor needs no coverage what so ever.



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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 – Oh yeah baby!!

Posted by Lorie
Oh Betty, I do love these pictures that you’ve posted here so very much. Beauty is indeed everywhere if we just take the time to look around, and spring is very, very close now. My dafodils are just about ready to burst open and the tulips won’t be far behind. The roses which I neglected to trim back have new, wild shoots with tiny little leaves. My peach and cherry trees all have tiny new buds, still closed but they are there. Oh thank you Father for bringing the springtime again! Yet another thing to give thanks for.

I’m so sorry that you can’t feel comfortable running around the olde homestead with them thar boobies hanging freely anymore my dear friend, but then again…maybe that’s a way to gently dissuade prying eyes? Just a thought.

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