Thank you Mr. Roosevelt

In our neck of the woods the Roosevelt Elk is King. Herds of these majestic animals roam our area. My husband secured an elk tag and yeah! he was successful, so our freezer is brimming with delicious elk. Previously to his getting his elk, we would drive up to Moore’s valley, just a zigzag away from us and watch these guys. We viewed a herd of eighty or so grazing in a pasture. We watched them as single file they jumped a fence out of the dense tree ridge and pooled out into a pasture. Their gracefulness is something to behold. Even more amazing is how these large animals the size of cattle can quickly group and disappear in moments.


A succulent elk roast for dinner tonite!


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 – Congratulations!

Posted by Lorie
Congratulations to the great white hunter!! Way to go Fitzman!!! Yum, elk meat is indeed good stuff. I’m not a fan of venison, but elk is much more like beef. My dad used to make some of the elk meat into sausage and it was delicious! Always feels good to have the freezer full. Enjoy!

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