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Today is my big debut!

The perfect storm. When all the elements come together to create an opportunity to experience a moment that will probably never again happen quite like this, to me, in my life. It was unexpected, the rush that came over me as I with racing heart and joyful anticipation retrieved the kids old childhood sled down from it’s permanent resting place in the barn. I never in my wildest dreams thought destiny would inevitably bring me and bullet to this day, and my 30 seconds of fame!

“The arctic blast challenge”.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009 – whoo hoo!!

Posted by Lorie
Oh my gosh!! I laughed with delight when I saw you (and heard you) screaming down your road in the snow. Oh what fun! And Gus was just as joyous as you were. what fun!! I wish I could have had a turn at flying down the snow too…today you have made me smile my lovely, goofy and dear friend. May we live and laugh many more times to come. :)

Oh yes, whenever you want to come and hang out with me and the ponies, please do come on down!!
Good times await cowgirl!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009 – an award for you

Posted by Lorie
Hi again my goofy little friend. Since you graced us with your video and your moment of fame and fun. I am passing along an award to you. Come on over and pick it up!!
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Sunday, January 25, 2009 – Sledding

Posted by Bubs
Faster then a speeding (bullet) more Powerful than a locomotive, That’s my dear sister Betty!!!
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