Weighing the Cost

The barn is a barren place this winter, and Gus are yellow lab, faithful guardian of goats is a bit lonely. It’s all economics folks. The price of hay has skyrocketed (thanks to all that corn for ethanol). We loved our Does and those adorable nursing Kids but we needed to make some tough decisions. We found wonderful homes for our breeding Does with their kids. Then, we purchased a few wethers and let them tidy up the pastures, selling them in late fall for meat. What little hay we did purchase we will have ready for a new batch of early spring wethers and should be just enough until our small pastures green up. That’s our plan for now anyway.

I so miss the antics and pleasantness of watching the interaction of a goat family though. The cavorting kids and disciplining moms. The screaming kid who has misplaced mom but only for a few seconds then in leaps and bounds rushing to her in a panic and comforting itself in a few pulls on the udder.

Here, watching our little herd heading over to the “forest gate” was one of my favorite pastimes.

And of course who can resist an adorable Kid.

Or an adorable kid with a really adorable kid!

Who? I ask.

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Monday, January 12, 2009 – Untitled Comment

Posted by heritagehill
This made me sad…….I am sorry you will not be able to enjoy those precious little kids this year! I so enjoy my goats and their entertaining qualities.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Lorie
Hi there little friend, just wanted to say “hi”. I too am sorry to hear that you won’t be having any little kiddos this spring. You’ll miss them, I’m sure.
Those sure are some cute pictures though, and I definitely took notice of the dry and green pasture land. sigh…can’t come back soon enough for me

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