Pioneer Spirit

Roughing it over the holidays was a bit wearisome. i found it way too easy to become irritated and moody as the power outage rolled over into another day and yet another. simple tasks weren’t handled by the flip of a switch or by lifting the tap. it was plum tiring to stay cheerful.

Truly our forebears knew a little something about roughing it, using their resources wisely and persevering in the face uncertainity, and always thanking a gracious God who provides. so when i read this article in the Oregonian it helped me to keep things in perspective and try to draw a little deeper for that helping of fortitude.

It said in 1950, Lenore Gale Barette wrote a small book titled “Christmas in Oregon Territory 1853”. In it she shares the story of her pioneer grandparents. She wanted these remembrances written to ensure that pioneer values, courage, resoursefulness and sacrifice, would not be forgotten by “almost every living person.”

On Christmas Eve at their new homestead near Eugene in Oregon Territory, Grandmother prepared a meager meal from leftover provisions. she fashioned a whimsical centerpiece of potato characters to adorn their crude homemade table lit with tallow candles. Grandfather read from his worn Bible ,”never were the chapters more reverently read nor more intently absorbed than in that crude little log cabin.”

It was inspiring to read that the family had been in the Oregon Territory for only seventy-five days, but they had a snug, warm little cabin, a beautiful hill claim with timber and clear sparkling water; they had some stock and planned to get more; they had a team of good horses, a friendly little dog; the children were in splendid health; a small school had just been started within walking distance over the hills. it ends in saying that the road to the future looked promising and they all determined that if hard work and grit would lead to sucess, they would reach it.

Bless you Miss Barette, your story will not be forgotten by this “living person”.

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Monday, January 5, 2009 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Lorie
Hi there Miss Betty, that’s a very nice story. Sure makes us look spoiled and just a tad on the lazy side doesn’t it?? We always have so many things in which to be thankful. It’s just so easy to forget and take everything for granted I guess. Thankfully, God is merciful to us. I want to get together with you again when you have some time. Maybe breakfast, or a cocktail, or a walk??? I’m not picky, just like to visit with you. I haven’t talked to Katie in a while either…everything ok with her??? Love you guys.
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