Bright Spot

i think the artic blast has finally passed. we had a record snowfall close to three feet deep. unfortunately we had a power outage lasting four days. late this Christmas day we finally were back on line. hooray!

we kept stockpots of water piping hot on the woodstove. i used our little butane stove for some light cooking and actually enjoyed the smooth taste of coffee from the french press.

but the real bright spot was the light and ambient warmth from our aladdin lamp. i am so glad we purchased one several years ago. it is so much better than the glass oil lamps using the flat wick. the aladdin uses a mantle and round wick. it is practically odorless when used properly. check out The Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company’s offering of lamps. their new green moonstone lamps are so pretty and look like jadite. prices have gone up since we purchased ours but they are so worth having and great preparedness item to have in your household. we sure put ours to good use these past few days.

we actually dimmed the lamp for this photo shot. it really can be turned up to make a very bright light for reading and game playing.

blessings for a joyous, warm and light filled new year!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009 – Alladin

Posted by Kristin Hoffman
We have that lamp! They are lovely and work so well, don’t they? We’ve had no snow down here. I miss it.


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