Star of Wonder

I love em’. stars! i love to doodle em’, paint em’, mold em’, glitter em’. so i was especially happy to make for grandma’s Christmas workshop this lovely dimensional paper star with my grandchildren. we made hangers from some gold trimming. but then, i had this idea to use some fishing line and a swivel to allow it to spin. “viola”


christmas star wp

hanging from a doorway close to our woodstove the movement of the rising heat makes the star spin. i love having my morning coffee watching it turn this way and that. mesmerizing. now i want to make bunches. stars everywhere! here’s how to make one: using heavy cardstock or cardboard, enlarge the following pattern and cut out 12 – 4 1/2 by 2 inch points. tear off a 10 inch strip of masking tape and lay it sticky side up. lay four points in a row on the tape near the center of the tape. lay a piece of florist’s 20 gauge wire against the bases at the center of the tape and fold the tape around the wire onto to the top side of the points. (see diagram below) trim away tape in the gaps between points. repeat until you’ve made three rows of points for each star. bend the wire between the points into a square and secure by twisting ends. You’ve make a flat four-pointed star (see diagram) bend wires to create two more squares, but wrap the second four-pointed star around the first before securing the ends. the third wraps around the first two so that each inside corner of its’s square intersects with a corner of one of the others. (see above photo) space points evenly and seal joints with a glue gun to keep it sturdy. now the fun part! decorating. we sprayed painted ours gold then spray glitter. i think some microfine glitter would have been real sparkly.

paper christmas star



stars, i love em. makes me want to sing…….. oh……………. star of wonder, star of might, star with royal beauty bright, westward leading , still proceeding, guide us to the perfect light!

Take Joy!


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