Grandma’s Christmas Workshop 08′

One of the things I look forward to this time of year is the time we spend in “Grandma’s Christmas Workshop”.

I was blessed several years ago with a special place to call my own. A place to go be creative on the spur of the moment. My dear husband reformed a small pole barn into a little retreat.

It was a stressful time for me. My mom had become very ill, in need of daily care and I was priviledged to “be there” for her the last few years of her life. So, my husband worked on this little space for me, outfitted rustic befitting a cowgirl wannabe. I have glues and glitters, paints and papers, nails and wood? Just everything to make, well, anything really.

The last few years at Christmas time, my grandchildren with helpers (their mommys, good sports that they are) come to “Grandmas Christmas Workshop” Glitter flys and hot cocoa keeps us warm. We make ornaments, and lots of good memories I hope.

God bless you this Christmas with much joy and many fond memories.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008 – Just beautiful

Posted by cingspots
Hi there my friend, your grandchildren are just beautiful!! And…I know that their grandma is beautiful as well! And, she is a blessing and a wonderful friend to me too. I’m sure that all the kiddos had fun spending time with you in your special retreat making their little ornaments and having goodies. I know that I sure did!!! I very much enjoyed our afternoon spent in your little cottage making Christmas wreaths and stars and arrangements and drinking coffee and wine and laughing and talking and walking in the woods….such a wonderful time!! Thank you so very much my special friend. I love you very much and you brighten my days and soothe my heart and soul with your presence and your kindness. (((hugs))) to you and kisses too :)
Have a Merry Christmas
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Thursday, December 11, 2008 – oh I forgot!!

Posted by cingspots
I wanted to tell you that I just love those wipes you gave me. They work very well and leave my hands feeling nice and soft. Thanks again!!

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