Turning A Corner

I believe I have finally turned a corner. It all started when I collected 6 bags of leaf litter at my church (and found out I really needed about 8.)

“Leaf mulch is what I yearn fer.”

Don’t get me wrong I love the evergreen forest in which we live, but I just love the wonderful earthy smell of decaying leaves and pondering all the useful ways it serves to “uppen” the soil.

But back to that corner I turned….

I brought those hefty bags of leaves home and spread them on my vegetable garden. Then I dragged in a few downed limbs and scattered them around to help keep winter winds from stealing too many of them. Then it hit me!

I put the garden to bed, finally.

I blogged earlier about my difficulties in letting go of Summer…then Fall. But I did it!

Maybe some of you may have felt this way too and I am in good company. Boy, I felt funky, but now I am ready to get on with it and to herald in the spirit of Christmas, Gus and I took our hike in the woods.

I collected my bag-o-greens.

I loved it when I spread out my bag-o-greens and took in those glorious scents of grand fir, douglas fir, cedar and salal.

A few wreath rings, paddle wire, wire nippers and hand pruners and… Ta Da!

My wreath

Not perfectly round and tidy like store bought. But I prefer it’s flouncy, sorta unkempt, sorta loosey goosey appearance. Perhaps a bow for some respectability? No way!

God bless you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas.


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Thursday, December 4, 2008 – Glad tidings!!!!!

Posted by Lorie aka C-ingspots
Well how doo my little petunia!!! Long time no see or hear. What’s ya been up to?? I want to come up and go for a walk with you and Gus and Annie and me. And I wante to collect greens for a wreath too!!! I’m so jealous I can hardly see!!…I love making wreaths and that wonderful smell – oh however could you not get in the Christmas spirit when that lovely scent permeates everything!! Oh, and burning those cinnamon-apple candles and a fire in the woodstove with the teakettle a steaming and all…Can you picture it?? Are you going to get a tree?? And if so, when? Do you chop one or do you buy one?? Nosey aren’t I?? I know, sorry. I am trying to make most of our Christmas gifts this year – would you like to plan a day to get together and make stuff – goodies – drink??? What say you my wonderful friend?? We have never done that before. And we need to! NEED TO!! I tell ya, we need to do it…and soon, before you get too busy with family stuff and we run out of time!! Oh, I’m getting all excited just thinking about it!! Please, can we ma, huh, can we??? pant pant
Sorry…I get a little carried away sometimes.
There. All better now.
I love you my little friend :)

Call me…if you know what’s good for you
971-235-8284 (now you have no excuse – none)

scared you didn’t I ?

don’t mess with me

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