Instead of settling into the shorter days of fall and preparing myself mentally for the holidays, here I sit, still finding myself thinking of summer, of growing things, and even weeding. ohhhhh… I got it bad.

And so, I hope a little escape to a special garden my husband and I visited this past summer will let me linger a little longer on those sunnier days.

Portland has an authentic Chinese Classical Garden right smack dab in the middle of town. Built by visiting Chinese architects it is a beautiful inspiration to behold.

Actually several gardens or rooms make up this garden. With water a predominate theme, and precise placement of stone and plantings.

Entering the garden was this pergola of classic chinese design.

Our guide explained the precise placement of the rockery so that as you approach different areas of the garden you would see all aspects of each stone. It was awesome!

I found myself so intrigued by the cement shingles or tile I guess that covered the roofes of the little buildings. Not a gutter anywhere, to clean!!! But the rainwater was purposefully directed where the gardener wanted it. In pools and swales around the garden.

This closeup is a little blurry but see the the pointed shingles hanging down from this garden room? Now picture rainwater dripping from the points. Everything that happens here is planned and intentional and beautiful.

Even underfoot, mosaic walkways of small stones were meticulously placed. It took little encouragement for guests to remove their shoes and walk the garden barefoot. It felt wonderful!

The best part of my visit was when I grabbed my husbands hand, leading him to this authentic chinese tea house in the garden before he could protest. The tea selection was extensive and as difficult to choose as that new JUST RIGHT perennial. Each tea was served in it’s own unique pot and cup and accompanied with small almond cookies. Cell phones were not allowed here, and though there were other guests, a respectful peace was observed. Quiet comtemplation followed as our server refreshed our pots with a second helping of hot water. The tea house had an open atmosphere and you could sit overlooking the ponds and floating water lillies. Bliss I tell you, “Bliss”.

Okay then, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. God’s blessings and thanks for coming along with me on my little trip back to summer.


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Monday, November 17, 2008 – Summer revisited

Posted by Cingspots
Oooh lala – that sounds so nice! Such a beautiful garden. I’m glad you got to visit such a wonderful place and enjoy your day. So many things/places like this so close to home and yet, I have never been there. I keep hearing of more and more places like this – amazing spots to visit, and yet for some reason, we never have. You’ve just inspired me my little friend!! I’ve just thought of something perfect for you!! hee hee hee, I have a secret….in due time my pretty, in due time. (insert cackling evil laugh here)
p.s. eggs are here – so pretty!!
see you soon,
Cingspots :-)

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