I CAN Do It.

I am trying real hard to not to write about the garden, or the compost pile.

” Can I do it? We’ll see………”

So how about this nifty bench here.

We live an hour from the Oregon coast, and every summer when my sister Cindy comes to visit, we make a little overnight trip to the beach. It is so fun to see creations like these by beachcombers. With driftwood, stones, shells even seaweed, people come up with the most clever pieces of artsy stuff. I already imagine this bench in a garden, oops, okay I’m trying.

On our last trip Cindy and I arrived at the seaside late in the day. Hurrying to get the last glimpse of the setting sun, we scurried (it’s hard to scurry on sand) down to the waters edge. It was beautiful! Cindy insisted on a picture of me sitting on a washed up log. Would that be considered driftwood? Anyway, I was a little concerned about turning my back to the waves lapping the shore, as the warning signs attest to, but Cindy assured me it would be fine “Just one quick shot!”

“Are we not supposed to trust our older sisters?

She got a good laugh when the ocean (it sneaks up very quickly and quietly) swirled around my feet. I jumped up running for dry sand. I’ll never learn!!

But, sweet sis that she is. She spent the next day in my shop putting together her one of kind creation from all the driftwood she collected on our trip.

Like my new thingamabob?

I especially liked her use of the rusty found objects I love to collect. At the top a piece of rusty plumbers tape and a nicely corroded old padlock at the bottom.

I love my sister!

“Now can I go back to the garden?”



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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
Hi there Betty Boops my very special friend!!!
I love your new thingamabob that your sissy made for you and I love, love, love your bathroom – have I ever told you that?? Well, I do. And I love your kitchen and your laundry room and I know that we are not supposed to covet stuff….but I do, I do, I do! There – I’ve confessed – I’m a horrible person who covets all things lovely and that I want! Remember what I said once about venting – it’s sooo true – venting is very important!
I’m very happy that you and your big sister got to go to the beach – how much fun! Take care my very good friend – I love you, hope you find some personal time to veg out in your garden in the sun – isn’t it just lovely???
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
Silly me…forgot to leave my calling card – ooopsy.


(did you already know it was me?)

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