Pot Roast Especial!


I know, I know, everyone thinks their recipe for Pot roast is sooooo special, but give me a minute and you will see just why this pot roast is the most “SPECIAL” pot roast of all.

Right smack in the middle of the pot of goodies, submerged under all those delectable vegetables, is a SIRLOIN BEEF ROAST. That’s kinda special isn’t it? No? Well, how about the small RED POTATOES, the peeled whole ONIONS, fresh garden TOMATOES and sprinkling of crisp CELERY. Not doing it for ya?

Did I mention the organic BEEF BROTH and the special special MONTEAL STEAK SEASONING ON THE VERY TOP?!

Maybe none of these ingredients seem to make this Pot roast any different or special than any other recipes you have found for this typical american meal.

But there is one teensy tiny ingredient that makes this one of the most delicious mouth watering recipes I have ever tasted! I ooohhed and ahhhhed over every bite. After savoring the last bite, I lounged on the sofa pondering all the tasty wonder of it all!

That secret ingredient?

Our 28 year old son, who on a visit, made us this meal, made my day, and what I will always lovingly refer to as the most


Bon Apetit~


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Thursday, October 9, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by cingspots
Hi there my leeetle friend…that looks sooo good! I’m on my sugah! By the way, did I mention that I am very proud of you; my little blogger woman?? hee hee

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