It’s Not Happenin’

This is soooooo disheartening!

You know that wonderful warm all over feeling you get when you light the first fire in the woodstove, and you hear the comforting sounds of that first crackle of the firewood before it ignites into a full flame?

It’s just not happening for me this year. sigh….

This item has reappeared as our front porch decor for the next several months, and what I really wanna see is a little more of this.

I’m sorry those warm fuzzy toasty feelings are eluding me this year. Just can’t get there, trying, hmmm…..

Please send prayers and warm fuzzy toasty feelings my way.


While I am waiting for the warm fuzzy toasty feelings let me insert one of my garden “to do’s”. Cause my head is stuck here. Okay?

From my garden notes , a little sketch of something I want to experiment with one day(when it’s not almost winter). No tilling! These simple topsoil bags plopped right on top of the ground are cut open with holes poked through the bottom for drainage. They can be reused for several crops of veggies and flowers by refreshing the soil with a few amendments and then planting again.

But it’s almost Winter,

Not Spring,

Not a hint of it.




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Monday, November 3, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Lorie
Boy oh boy girl, do I ever hear ya!! It’s downright depressing if you think about it too long – I’m missing those warm, sunny days already…boo hoo, don’t let those greys invade us yet—please!? I will send warm, fuzzy, happy thoughts to you if you bounce them right back to me again, ok?? Hang in there my little friend!! Do you want to meet up for breakfast one day this week??? Eating always makes me happy!! Bye for now, L @ Cingspots

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