Before & After

If you haven’t had enough already here i go again talking dirty again! Compost that is, i love that dadgum dirt! Here is a little before and after photo for your perusal. I am currently building the pile in the middle layer by layer. Its’s about hip high now so iv’e placed some downed limbs on top to add a little air space and i will just keep on layering till it’s about double in size. The left pile gets most of the kitchen scraps to feed those precious earthworms, this pile will be ready for next spring applications. The far right one i have been using all summer to mulch gardens and feed that middle pile when needed.

Oh, that chair?

Well the chair is the most important element. Nothing like sitting there watering the compost piles for a completely mindless moment, er, i mean hour.

Did i tell you i was queen of the hill?

Okay, it’s a compost hill, but me and my pitchfork are ready to defend against all foes uh huh. This is a before picture taken last summer of the pile that is almost gone in the previous photo. You can be queen too!



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