Another Memorial Day has arrived, and “sigh” these beautiful late summer days are fading fast. Hub worked this holiday as usual. The company he works for shuts down for a few days, giving most employees a mini vacation except the maintenance guys (my hub is one) stay on to maintenance the machines. Soooooo…. I mowed the lawn for dear hub, making a deposit in the ol’ Love Bank.

And sooooo…looky here!

I know, can’t help it, all my posts are just a few degrees from compost, but isn’t she a beauty in the making?!!!! What to do with all the compost? Hmmmmm…….

Borders my friend, that little space between lawn and garden, the line every agressive lawn likes to cross. I put a nice layer of newspaper here, topped it with nicely rotting straw from the goat barn (nice goaties) and then……….

Finished it off with a nice layer of compost to hold it all in place. Oh… the earthy wormy glory of it all!

Ohhhhh. the sore achy back! Ah, I think it’s time to stop now and mosy on over here to enjoy the smells of summer…….. And,

……. enjoy some of these beauties while I think about the withdrawal I will soon be taking out of the Ol’ Love Bank!



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