How Sweet It Is!



Hub decides he is through with beekeeping, too many stings, but a MIghty Queen and her troops have discovered an old hive we had up in our barn loft. Even the Hub is loving this, so he moved the hive close to the loft door to make it a little easier for the girls and allow us to do lofty things without upsetting the hive. And ooooooooh how we love the honey, lotsa of flowering woodsy plants, plenty of blackberry, the honey is so rich and fruity mmmm……….

Did I mention Tea?

Hub salivates at the thoughts of homemade bread with honey, cornbread with honey, biscuits with honey, yogurt with honey, coffee with honey, and honey with, well, just honey. Whats a few stings, huh? Do I need to talk childbirth again!? Look there are rewards for the pain! Hub, keep thinkin about that delicious dark golden honey, that’s it, mmmm……. okay then how about a little honey for my tea. Yes, indeed. Here is some raspberry leaf i dried, a pinch of this is good for us girls, “why?” Oh just google it K? Some how I am a girlfriend to myself when I throw a pinch into the teapot

In my little teapot short and stout, I am enjoying 2 pinches white tea leaf, 1 pinch red raspberry leaf, and a 1/2 pinch licorice root (to sweeten) till the honey flows God willing.

From my cottage porch, good day, and God’s richest blessings!



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Wednesday, October 15, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
Hi there Betty!! I love your picture of your cottage porch – it is beautiful! I like your bee’s nest too – how hard is it to set one up?? I’ve always thought that would be fun. Give us a kiss for that cute little Gus too, will ya? Love to you, Lorie @ Cingspots
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