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It’s a jungle here on the homestead. This past week the temperatures have been hitting 90+ degrees. The humidity is high too here in the woods and the weeds have shot up. I am taking a breather as i have done frequently today. a little burst of energy and then i take refuge here in the house, kicking off my shoes, propping my dirty feet up and cooling down so i can hit it again. Two things brought me smiles though. I did a succession planting of buckwheat in our vegetable garden today and instead of raking it in which usually does not come up very uniform for me, i dragged a little skid of plywood behind me that was carrying two good size paving stones. it pressed the seed in nicely and smoothed it out too. i will remember that one and then as i was putting away the skid in the garden shed, i heard the familiar squeak of a mouse, i spied it up in an eave in plain sight, it’s nest made of soft yellow lab fur from when i groomed out Gus’ winter coat. Vermin, i know! but it was so cute sitting up on that ledge squeaking a warning not to come closer and i could see the morning light through it’s dainty transluscent ears. well, back to the weeding!



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Tuesday, July 15, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Kitty
If it weren’t for the weeding, gardening would be perfect, LOL. I do hate to weed, almost as much as the heat………….Kitty
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Sunday, July 20, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
YOu asked a ? about canning or freezing the pumpkin. Yes, that is what Im doing, freezing it in quart size ziplock bags. Im not too good with canning, my stuff goes bad, not sure why either. I put up 9 qts today and I have more to cook in the morning……….thanks for visiting…..Kitty
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