A Hoseguide (of sorts)

Greetings ya’ll, i have emerged from quite a lengthy retreat from blogging. The ash bucket was my last entry 4 long months ago and it has been tucked away in the garden shed. Spring has run head long into summer on our little homestead and i am feeling a bit renewed, and eager to share the happenings here at Panther Creek Cottage. You may know exactly what this is that is featured here in my picture. Like many country folk, dragging garden hoses here and yon are a daily summer ritual. I have crushed many perenials trying to negotiate corners of our property. Hoseguides were the solution, but the ones at Lowe’s lacked the character and proper color of rust to suit me. Scrounging in the barn i discoverd several old trailer hitches. With my husbands experience with welding (bless those skills!) we produced some one of a kind hoseguides! This one stands a little higher than the rest because it is located at the bottom of some steps. Yeah! no more smashed flowers. Now the kinks in the garden hose are my new pet peeve. I hope your summer is blessed and gloriously long.


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