Ye Ol’ Ash Bucket

our ash bucket on the front porch.
i sometimes wish for a prettier front porch that would seem more welcoming to guests, but lo, an ash bucket, rubber boots, broom and big rubber door mat greets visitors. summertime provides garden lovelies to spiff it up in time so not to worry. when ever i empty the ash bucket i remember a chapter from my old “foxfire” book explaining how to “drip ash” for making homemade soap. there is a picture showing a crude ash hopper lined with paper filled with ash, a bucket underneath to catch the murky water called “lye”. i hope for a season to make homemade soap like my grandpa did. i can still smell it in my mind and see it sitting on the utility sink, a hard yellowy chunk of soap lined with little black cracks where the working day residue accumulated. i have ten pounds of suet in my freezer from the local slaughter house to make tallow, but i don’t know if i will “drip ash” or cheat and buy some Red Devil Lye. soon we will be done with the ash bucket! it’s spring! blessings ya’ll
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by anoldfashionedgirl
I havent been on here in a while, so I havent keep up with everyone. I wanted to let you know that I love the new look of you blog. It is very nice.
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Thursday, March 27, 2008 – Untitled Comment

Posted by MFDesigns
We want to make it with you when you do Mom! I watched Marilyn Jondle make some a couple of years ago, and it was really cool. I have wanted to try it ever since.

I love you!


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