here a most valuable tool pressed into service each fall. i was thinking how often over the years my husband has replaced ax handles. and of course they just don’t make them like they used to. even a good ol hickory handle will crack and break after a few years of steady use. this was one of those years and it is one of those tasks i have never really paid attention to as to how one replaces a handle. so my husband gave me a little demo, cause i always wondered how the heavy steel head stayed secure on the end of the handle. am i the only one who feared a flying chunk of steel would go flying off the end of that ax handle and kill someone!??? once i learned the procedure my fears are at rest from flying ax heads. the brand new hickory handle has a split in the top end that fits into the hole in the ax head, then a small wood wedge that comes with your new handle is placed in the split and hammered down spreading the end out and firmly securing it in the ax head. it was neat to see how quickly an ax handle is replaced and woodchopping resumed. but i see that crocus’ are blooming, daffodils are beginning to emerge and splitting wood will soon give way to garden chores. people seem more lighthearted almost joyful with the unusually warm sunny weather we are having. but not all as i found out when i greeted a gentleman who when i said “how are you?” replied, terrible!! he was gassing up his rig that had a beautiful boat hitched up to it. i guess those gas prices make it a little hard to enjoy those luxuries that require ample fuel. these leaner days certainly have most of us homesteaders relying on those skills we value most and don’t you just feel good knowing you can make do with less? the Lord truly does supply all our needs.



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Friday, March 7, 2008 – wood chopping

Posted by Shaune
Yes ,I to am thankful for the skills of the past .We know how much work it is as weel having a fore place . But, I wouldn’t trade it !! This is our only souce of heat in our house . I pray that we are stay healthy enough to keep up with chopping wood when we grow older . Have a great weekend and stay warm. Shaune
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