Baby It’s Cold Outside

Perhaps oregon can’t claim being the coldest as the rainiest, but the northern cold front has made it’s way to our little cottage. We have kept our water taps running a smidge and keep a light on in the pump house. Our goaties are closed in the barn at night with a nice manure pack under the straw to generate some heat and keep them warm as well as their water bucket from freezing. Gus our lab sleeps close by the goat pen on his bed with a heater board underneath. I find that as cozy and warm as our down comforter keeps us at night, my poor head freezes. Hence, ma in her cap scenario again, (sorry hubby) warmth trumps attractive. but the cold snap has brought blue skies that are so welcoming and always a side bar to every conversation while it lasts. Returning from a trip to town I found my package from Penney’s on the porch. Yeah!, our new flannel sheets have arrived!

Blessings always,


Grandkids and goatie

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