The Passing Storm

The storm has passed. A real gully washer! Panther creek overflowed it’s banks and became a river, brown and muddy carrying limbs and bits of debris. Today we have normal rain, and the coastal winds didn’t affect us this time. My husband came home from work early fearing he would not make it through. Later roads were closed due to high water so I was glad he was home. The barn began to accumulate water. I moved some alfalfa that was beginning to get wet (too expensive to lose), and trenched out some behind the barn to keep water moving away, but the goaties were dry on their deep bedding happily munching away. Hubby and I decided to take an afternoon nap, snuggled and listened to the rain on our little cottage roof. I later wrapped Christmas presents for the grandchildren, and served up goolash for dinner. Why is it so delicious the second day?

I was blessed to recieve a devotional forwarded to me by my daughterAli on the high calling of motherhood from “Above Rubies” by Nancy Campbell. For those homesteaders raising little ones these words of wisdom are filled with God’s assurances and encourage one to just hang tough.



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Friday, December 7, 2007 – Untitled Comment

Posted by anoldfashionedgirl
Thanks for sharing the article! It sounds like you are used to the water rising in your area?! We are really wishing for some liquid in any form around here. We had a little snow (about 6 in) then it rained just enough to get rid of the snow. We really need the water.
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