Love & Togetherness

Thanksgiving was a beautiful day here in our neck of the woods. Crisp fall day with sunny skies. Family gathered and much turkey with all the trimmings was heartily enjoyed by all but, oooooohhhhh… leftovers the last two days have me thinking I need to take in some serious hiking. My youngest daughter Katie made the pumpkin cake recipe recommended by Marilyn Moll of the Urban Homemaker and it was superb and a nice change from the traditional pumpkin pie. With our children grown, my husband and I enjoy preparing the feast together. It’s amazing what clever ideas the menfolk can come up with in the kitchen. His method of making deviled eggs was really interesting and of course he loved explaining why his method works best! Our son Joah came early thus peeling the potatoes became his job, now two men in the kitchen! I loved it!!! I thought of all the love and togetherness occuring in countless homes across our country and what it means to hearts young and old. God bless you all dear homesteaders, God bless you all

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