Thankful Heart

Like ya’ll, I have been preparing at least mentally, my list of “to do’s” before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our little cottage is quite small and planning as to food prep, seating, where to put those coats!, etc. takes a lot more brain power than in days of yore. But thanksgiving always gets me motivated to jump in and get organized thus allowing more time just to enjoy and take in the Holiday Season. I have been particularly blessed this year with my introduction to by my daughter Ali, who posts on She is such an inspiration to me and of course I am very proud of my girl. Thank you to those who have blessed me with your encouraging words. With all the wickedness that pervades the internet, God has used this same modem to connect His people in ways we never could have imagined, all to His glory, and proclaims His goodness to us. Praise God. My Heart is truly grateful.

In my last post I pondered the humble clothes line and was happy to hear that I am not alone as many of you have the same feelings. A post by Marilyn Moll, also shared thoughts on the subject too. Her entry was very imformative too on the benefits of ‘linedrying” And may I add that everyone must know the pleasure at least once of drying off from bathing with a freshly line dryed towel. My friends, not only is the absorption ten fold, but you get the great little bonus of gentle back scratch. Oh the joy!


Bfitz “where all the little orphan pumpkins go”

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