It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!

For reals! On my counter for heaven sakes. It’s a grain. But… not a cereal grain. Rather, a symbiotic culture of acids & friendly bacteria that resembles… well… a grain of sorts that kinda looks like small cauliflower florets. It’s origins are over 1000 years old! A little older than this cottage woman. Born in the Caucasus mountain range of Southern Russia. Sweet ya’ll.

Yay, your still with me! Okay. Dom, who I will get to later calls Kefir a “probiotic Gem” . Okay. It’s a powerful good for you food staple I use in my cottage kitchen in many recipes, and goes right along with my other alive food, sourdough starter. A healthy food source capitalized already ( I love America) and can be found on your favorite food mart shelves. However I live on the cheap ( I love America) and can make this powerful beverage right at home. Whoeee ya’ll. And ifin’ I don’t know that homemade is best! I like a good cupful of the stuff first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s tangy smoothness makes me go “ahhhhhh…” and gives my gut a jumpstart for the day. And who knows what this cottage woman might ingest. The list is as the day is long partner.

Homemade kefir in all your cake and bread recipes will yeild a far superior product with a healthful boost. I use kefir instead of buttermilk in my pancake recipe and the grandkids love them. Try my Kefir Cakes and if you like quirky, check out Doms. You like quirky? I do ya’ll.

And Kefir smoothies.
Bottoms Up!

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